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Economic Connections

What are FCC's Economic connections?

Foundation for Connecting Communities is making economic connections for minority, immigrant, and low-income families through:
  • Income generating opportunities
  • Education opportunities
  • Financial literacy
  • Home ownership
Supporting Our Community

Economic Mission


We assist businesses in hiring individuals with specific skills among minority, immigrant, and low-income groups.

We assist minority, immigrant, and low-income individuals with job search process.

FCC emphasizes on “lifting-up the families towards socioeconomic self-sufficiency.” The relationships that you establish through this program could be an igniting factor for your mentee family to achieve self-sufficiency.


We provide educational in-person and workshops on financial literacy, banking system, credit worthiness tips, and saving habits aiming at economic self-sufficiency.

We also provide individual-based technical assistance and assistance with family-based economic planning.


In addition to our SMILE2 program, we connect out-of-school-system individuals to educational institutions such as job corps, colleges, and universities.

We incentivize excellent school performance, encourage and reward positive behavior among school-age group. FCC would like to see children of the mentee families being assisted to improve their academic performance, keep positive behavior, and make realistic plans for economically-sound careers.


We advise mentee families to save and build credit history to qualify for mortgage loans. We connect them to lenders and/or real estate businesses and facilitate in the buying process.

FCC believes that home ownership for minority, immigrant, and low-income families is one of the important components of stronger socioeconomically connected communities.

Become part of the Foundation

Get Involved

Become a Mentor

To become a mentor, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Sarah Tincher
Phone: (630) 688-7924

Become Volunteer

To become a volunteer, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Jake Tincher
Phone: (712) 301-2060

Become a Mentee

To become a mentee, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Speciose Nyiramana
Phone: (270) 559-6963