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Envisioning stronger, socioeconomically connected communities.

What is the FCC?

The Foundation for Connecting Communities connects minority, immigrant, and low-income families (mentees) to community socio-economic resources and educational opportunities. Well-established families (mentors) play a vital role in this process. We connect mentees to community resources, education, employment, and other opportunities to improve their socio-economic situations. FCC has established programs aimed at building strong families.


As a community-based organization, the Foundation for Connecting Communities exists to connect minority, immigrant, and low-income communities to economic, social, and educational resources to improve their economic self-reliance.

We mainly use volunteers from well-established families (mentors) to serve minority, immigrant, and low-income community members (mentees). As part of our SMILEE program, we use high-performing high school, college/university, and teachers to provide impactful assistance to our SMILEE beneficiaries.

We aim at economic self-sufficiency for mentees and long-term impactful and memorable relationships between mentor and mentee families.

Supporting Our Community

Our Programs

SMILE2 Program

Supporting Minority, Immigrant, and Low-income groups through Educational Empowerment. Please “smilee” with us by donating to our program.

We enhance leadership skills, provide extra-carricular educational and scholarship opportunities for youth from minority, immigrant, and low-income communities.

PEACE at Home

Parenting Education to Activate Calm and Empowerment at Home.

Through this program, we reinforce parental practices that advance peaceful home environment, child well-being, and improved parent-child relationships.

F2F Mentorship Program

Family-to (2)-Family Mentorship program.

This program gives opportunities for well-established families and/or individuals with passion to make a positive difference in the lives of minority, immigrant, & low-income families.

Become part of the Community

Get Involved

Become a Mentor

To become a mentor, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Shannon Kanan
Phone: (270) 779-9992

Become Volunteer

To become a volunteer, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Sara Jones
Phone: (270) 996-7150

Become a Mentee

To become a mentee, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Speciose Nyiramana
Phone: (270) 559-6963