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Envisioning stronger, socioeconomically connected communities.

What is the FCC?

The Foundation for Connecting Communities connects minority, immigrant, and low-income families (mentees) to community socio-economic resources and educational opportunities. Well-established families (mentors) play a vital role in this process. FCC has established programs aimed at building strong families.
Currently, FCC is actively involved in:
1. SMILE2 (Supporting Minorities, Immigrants, and Low-income through Educational Empowerment) program.
2. Parenting Education to Activate Calm and Empowerment (PEACE at Home) program.
3. Family-to-Family Mentorship program.


The Foundation for Connecting Communities strives to become an entity promoting stronger socioeconomically connected communities.


We aspire to create environment where well-established families have opportunities to help minority, immigrant, and low-income households in their process to become self-sufficient.


FCC exists to connect Minority, Immigrant, and Low-income families to socioeconomic and educational resources to improve their economic self-reliance.


We aim at economic self-sufficiency for  Minority, Immigrant, & Low-income families, long-term impactful and memorable relationships between them and support providers.

Supporting Our Community

Our Programs

SMILE2 Program

Supporting Minority, Immigrant, and Low-income groups through Educational Empowerment. Please “smile2” with us by donating to our program.

We provide supplemental academic, extracurricular and scholarship opportunities for youth from minority, immigrant, and low-income families to enhance their education.

PEACE at Home

Parenting Education to Activate Calm and Empowerment at Home.

Through this program, we reinforce parental practices that advance peaceful home environment, child well-being, and improved parent-child relationships. Adults are empowered with skills to create home environment conducive to learning.

F2F Mentorship Program

Family-to-Family Mentorship program.

This program gives opportunities for well-established families and/or individuals with passion to make a positive difference in the lives of minority, immigrant, & low-income families. If you would like to help a family in its process towards a successful future, we need you. 

Become part of the Community

Get Involved

Become a Mentor

To become a mentor, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Sarah Tincher
Phone: (630) 688-7924

Become Volunteer

To become a volunteer, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Jake Tincher
Phone: (712) 301-2060

Become a Mentee

To become a mentee, please fill out this interest form and/or contact:
Speciose Nyiramana
Phone: (270) 559-6963